1989 - 1993 St. Petersburg State University, Bachelor of Science in the field of Physics with specialization in Laser Physics.
1993 - 1994 St. Petersburg State University, Master of Science with specialization in Physics of Biological Systems.
1994 - 1998 St. Petersburg State University, postgraduate student.

Academical Degree:
1998 Ph.D., St. Petersburg State University, title: "Electro-orientation investigation of the polydispersity of colloids and suspensions in the weak fields".
20/11/2014 Dr.Sc. (Doctor of Science), St. Petersburg State University, St. Petersburg.

1999 to present – Senior Researcher, St. Petersburg State University.

Teaching Activity:
2015 to present - Professor, Department of Physics, St. Petersburg State University;
2011 to 2014 - Associate professor, Department of Physics, St. Petersburg State University;
2000 to 2011 – Senior Teacher, Department of Physics, St. Petersburg State University;
1998 - 2000 – Assistant, Department of Physics, St. Petersburg State University.

Scientific Fields and Expertise:
Multimode quantum memory based on Lambda-atoms. High-speed quantum memory.

Optical Parametric processes in continuous variables: optical parametric amplifier (OPA) and optical parametric oscillator (OPO), investigation of three-mode statistics OPO above threshold, multimode squeezed radiation of sub-Poissonian laser and degenerate OPO.

Quantum dense coding protocol for optical images: dense coding scheme for continuous variables, multimode in space and time optical quantum communication channel, parallel dense coding of non-stationary optical images, the Shannon mutual information, superior to the standard quantum limit.

Induced photon statistics: we have proved that under the specific conditions, the photon statistics of the three-level laser duplicate the photon statistics of the exciting laser. Application of this phenomenon to analyze the statistical properties of a laser involved into a feedback process.

Elaboration of the quantum fluctuation theory of vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers (VCSEL's): quantum Stokes parameters, quantum self- and cross correlations, fluctuation spectra, polarization squeezing, sub-Poissonian statistics. Application of the theory to VCSEL's with equally-lived laser levels, a role of physical phenomena such as spin-flip and optical anisotropy (linear birefringence and linear dichroism). Analysis of stability of linearly polarized lasing modes.

Participation in the Internation Projects:
Russian-French cooperation program “Lasers and Advanced Optical information Technologies”;

FP7 European Union’s project “High Dimensional Entangled Systems” (2008 -2010);

Leader of RFBR-CNRS project (2009-2011).

Invited professor position in Universite Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris, France (2009).